Troubadour Blue blends evocative songwriting and compelling musical arrangements, daring you not to feel something when listening to their melodies. The innovative trio is composed of siblings, Brenna and Eli Wheeler and Daniel Kim Ethridge. Together, the three transport listeners into the stories of their songs with captivating three part harmonies and various string instruments. 


The idea of Troubadour Blue was sparked during the summer of 2019 when Daniel and Brenna, who met during their time in the Belmont Bluegrass Ensemble in 2015 while under the guidance of Tammy Rogers King, found themselves in the world of Nashville’s “hired guns.” Quickly, the two realized they desired a project where they possessed full creative control.


COVID-19 became the world’s reality just as the group emerged from the studio with the intention of releasing melodies Fall of 2020. Though their timeline seemed perpetually pushed back, it eventually opened the door for Eli, Brenna’s younger brother, to join the group upon graduating from Elon University and sequentially rounding out the trio’s sound.


Marrying the motifs of modern bluegrass with the poeticism found in Nashville’s songwriting scene, Troubadour Blue’s focus is on creating songs that tip their hat to classic country writing while incorporating modern influences. With Daniel on guitar and banjo, Brenna on fiddle and mandolin, and Eli on acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, mandolin, and banjo, the trio’s blended vocals emphasize the importance of harmony while showcasing their unique voices. 


Troubadour Blue melodies are set to hit the airwaves in 2022 with collaboration from Tammy Rogers King as producer and Mitchell Furr as engineer.